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Digital Imaging Systems for Chiropractors

The latest x-ray technology advancing patient care and compliance.

X-ray Software to Drive Practice Growth

Patients know why they first go to a chiropractor. Show them why they need to come back.

With digital xrays, your patient will understand their condition in seconds — an educated patient is a committed patient.

PACS with Annotation & Radiology Reporting

Full Picture Archiving & Communication System (PACS) with advanced modules for EHR integration, patient communication, radiology reporting & annotation.

The ChiroSight PACS will allow your patients’ x-rays to be viewed in seconds, giving your clinic clearer images, precise reads, and fewer retakes. All of this is stored in our HIPAA-compliant cloud storage that you can access securely any time.

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Specialist Module for Personal Injury

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Included with the ChiroSight Premium Plan is our AOMSI Impairment Module.

You can easily create line drawings to generate an AOMSI impairment-ratable report for PI cases using criteria based on AMA guidelines.

Speed and Efficiency

  • Images in under 3 seconds
  • Easy annotations
  • Seamless EHR integration
Image Quality

Image Quality

  • High Quality diagnostic images
  • Eliminate retakes
  • Quality images that you want to share
Patient Education

Patient Education

  • 70% of patients are visual learners
  • Patients remember what they see
  • Provide better understand why they need to come back
Patient Compliance

Patient Compliance

  • An educated patient is a compliant patient
Practice Growth

Practice Growth

  • Patient visits are increased
  • Your X-ray room becomes a profit center
Speed and Efficiency
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Frequently asked questions

Of course you don’t, but how long are your patients waiting for x-ray results? How many patients are being exposed to unnecessary radiation because of retakes? Can your office run more efficiently, with better images and education for your patients? Yes it can.

Digital radiography is no longer a cost center but an essential part of your patients’ Chiropractic experience. Build education, compliance, credibility, and practice growth. Do you have to upgrade to digital? Can you afford not to?
Absolutely, with over 17 years of experience, we work with every client individually to find the financing that best works for the clinic. We can discuss if local bank financing or leasing is the best avenue, we will look at every situation and make sure that you have the information and help that you need to finance the unit.

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