Digital Sensor 4600

BIOK-4600 | 14” X 17” | 16 mp Cesium CCD | tilting upright stand included

ChiroSight developed this state-of-the-art Charged Coupled Devise system (CCD) 16 years ago. While the market has shifted toward easier-to-make flat panel technology, continued demand from doctors that understand the benefits of the 4600 system ensure this sensor’s longevity.

The 4600 is still made in our factory in Iowa. CCD’s are still used by NASA and are the chosen imaging technology for their Mars rover Perseverance. The reasons are simple: reliability, quality of image, and longevity.

ChiroSight polled its clients and asked them to share the top five benefits they received when upgrading to ChiroSight. Here are their responses:
  1. Speed and Efficiency
  2. Better Image Quality
  3. Improved Patient Compliance
  4. Improved Patient Communication
  5. Practice Growth
BIOK4600 DR Chiropractic Retrofit System (16 megapixels)

Sensor Specifications:

  • Digital Radiography Sensor – Patented
  • 16 megapixel array capability
  • Cesium Scintillator
  • 4.6 linepairs/millimeter resolution (0.108 mm pixel pitch)
  • Acquisition to display time: 10-15 seconds
  • 14″x17″ image size (36cmx43cm)
  • Dynamic range: 16-bit sampling, 80 dB signal-to-noiseratio
  • Graylevels: >16,384 shades of gray
  • Fully sealed sensor, noise free (nofans, no cooling device, no moving internal parts)


Requirements for BIOK4600 include a client generator at client x-ray site that:

  • Has a minimum 30 kW High Frequency Generator
  • Electrical Power Source is minimum AC Phase 1 (60 Hz)
  • 300 mA, 125 KVP minimum, 250 mAs maximum – *No battery operated generator allowed

Wall Stand Specifications:

  • 16 inches from wall to front of sensor; 40” distance from sensor to tube stand center required
  • Tilting adjustment to ±45º
  • Extremity view capability
  • Counter weighted for easy use
  • Safety lock


Capture/Acquisition Workstation

Computer Specifications:

  • Computer, 8GB DDR3 RAM
  • 1 HD Solid State(256GB) + SATA HD (2TB)
  • Windows 10 Professional
  • 2 network interface cards (10/100/1000)
  • CD/DVD write/read
  • Wired Internet connection to Chiro Sight computer is required

Monitor Specifications:

  • 2 megapixel monitor (1920×1080 resolution)
  • 27″ Full HD size
  • 200 cd/m2 luminance, 8,000,000:1 dynamic contrast
  • Desktop mount


ChiroSight Capture Software License (Capture/Acquisition Workstation)


  • Image acquisition with emergency & workflow modes
  • Image processing with anatomy optimization
  • DICOM diagnostic quality
  • Integrated with many EHR software systems
  • Includes DICOM Server software (Query/Retrieve capability)
ChiroSight Diagnostic Software License (non cumulative)


  • Chiropractic Power Tools – for measurements/line drawings/annotations
  • Optimized for touch screen and mouse/keyboard operation
  • Image viewer with image contrast, measurement tools, annotations
  • Report of Findings (ROF) Software Tool for customizable x-ray reports
  • Image stitching to connect views for full spine
  • Quick search/retrieve in both emergency and workflow modes
  • Image import/export in BMP, JPEG, TF, GIF, DICOM
  • DICOM send to external DICOM servers
  • Copy x-ray images & annotations to CD/DVD, and print-ready capabilities

Warranty and Service Package Selection
See ‘Warranty and Services Programs’ Table attached.

Third Party Manufacturer’s warranty on PC/monitor equipment



  1. * Special shipping charges may apply for shipments in remote locations or for rapid delivery requests.
  2. ** Additional installation charges may apply for any custom requirements at the Purchaser’s clinic site.
  3. Installation does not include site preparation for leading of walls, electrical issues or any other site upgrades and will be the responsibility of the Purchaser. Installation to occur only on prepared sites. Purchaser to complete a ChiroSight site survey form and provide completed form to Biokinemetrics and its designated dealership personnel and/or the regional installer. Installer contracted directly to clinic.
  4. Purchaser must employ their own electricians and contractors of any discipline for any electrical, wall leading or other site modifications. Should the Purchaser not have a designated electrician or contractor,the regional installer may be able to assign one–additional administration charges may apply.

Warranty for Biokinemetrics Products:

BIOK 4600 DR Chiropractic System includes: 6 Year Basic Hardware & Software Support Included; 1 Year Premium Software & Support Subscription Included.

Warranty for Other Manufacturers’ Products:

PC manufacturer provides a 3-year parts warranty from the date of receipt by the Purchaser.

Possible Accessories that client may consider purchasing from third party vendor:

  • Caliper (to measure patient)
  • Small tape measure (to affix to x-ray source to measure distance 40” for extremities)
  • Wooden or metal step stool (for extremity images)
  • Wooden dowel & holder (for extremity images)
  • Floor Mat (for extremity images)
  • Battery Back-up/Surge Protector for PC
ChiroSight – Basic Software & Service Subscription:
Included with our Sensor is our basic Software and Warranty Package. ChiroSight offers the longest warranty and support in the industry at no additional cost. The Basic Software Subscription will allow your clinic to take x-rays and view them on three stations anywhere in your office, giving you full acquisition and basic education capability. Included with the Basic License: Smooth and Contrast tool, ruler, protractor, Gravity Line, Orthogonal ruler, Vertebrae measurement Tool, Vertebrae numbering tool and 2 TB of local storage.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, the vast majority of practices can use their existing tube and generator with absolutely no problems at all. There are 2 major caveats, if you are experiencing inconsistent x-ray at present, Digital will not fix them, it is a problem with the generator and tube stand, the second is that to really obtain the maximum benefit of digital x-ray we recommend that the minimum requirement of your system is that it has a capacity of 125kVp 300 mAs.

All ChiroSight systems come with additional licenses, which will enable you to present the images, even annotating them in front of your patient in multiple rooms on multiple viewing stations.

ChiroSight integrates with all EHR systems, but ChiroSight is unique that it seamlessly integrates with many of the major EHR systems, call and see if you can schedule your patients x-rays directly from the from desk.

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