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About us

The ONLY Chiropractic-Centric Digital X-ray Company In The World

ChiroSight, a division of Biokinemetrics, was founded by Steve Kraus, D.C., who has spent his entire adult life serving the chiropractic profession: first as a chiropractor, having owned an operated 18 clinics, and then as a technology leader – developing and deploying EHR software to chiropractors across America.

The mission was simple: put the most powerful, easiest-to-use chiro-centric digital x-ray technology into the hands of his fellow chiropractors- at the most-affordable prices in the market. Mission achieved.

Annotation and Reporting Tools

The ChiroSight team develops enhanced communication annotation and reporting tools for chiropractors. The ChiroSight Solutions streamline and speed the imaging process for Chiropractors, reducing the need for retakes, improving patient communication, and assisting in growth of the practice.

ChiroSight continues to lead in technology innovation with its new software programs, including the new AOMSI Personal Injury suite of tools that includes a customizable radiology report. This enables Chiropractors to deliver articulated, referenced, and visually persuasive reports for:

Our reports have resulted in better settlements, care compliance and referrals.
ChiroSight will continue develop new tools and functionality that assist Chiropractors. You can contact our team and we will help you understand our products can help you have a more successful chiropractic practice.

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