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One of the greatest obstacles to profitability is getting your patients to complete their treatment plans. Our ChiroSight digital x-ray systems combine diagnostic quality imaging with a powerful suite of annotation, stitching and EHR tools that allow you to visually educate, engage, and empower your patients.

Imagine a more effective communication tool that also improves your diagnostic reports, efficiencies and profitability: that is the power of ChiroSight.

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complete their treatment plan

Designed for Chiropractors

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Our digital x-ray software is designed for chiropractors with input from the leading experts in the chiropractic profession. No other x-ray company understands chiropractic the way we do at ChiroSight. We get you, because we are you!

Some functionalities of our imaging software include:


The digital x-ray software required for every modern practice



Plus $495 set-up fee



Plus $495 set-up fee



Plus $495 set-up fee
The digital x-ray software required for every modern practice


Plus $495 set-up fee


Plus $495 set-up fee


No set up fee
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NInstall Count 1 2 3+
Cervical Curve C1-T1
Cervical Curve C2-C7
Vertebral Curve - (Single)
Vertebral Curve - (Segmented)
Thoracic Curve
Lumbar Curve
Atlas & Axis
Vertebrae Line Tool
Femur head measurement
DICOM Receive
Export to CD
Professional & Premium
George's line
Pelvis Tools
EHR Integration
Rad Report
Send to DICOM
Messaging - (Email Send)
View/Import/Insert DICOM
Premium only
Install Count 10
Advanced Stitching
Priority Support
Advanced Macros
Advanced Messaging

It allows the Modern Chiropractic office to have the necessary tools for the education of patients. It will allow the Clinic to discuss Cervical, Thoracic and Lumber curves with the ability to compare and contrast previous x-rays on a split screen. The Doctor will be able to analyze the Atlas angle and axis. The clinic will also be able to burn discs for their patients.

Included with the Essential plan: 3 viewing licenses, Cervical Curve C1-T1, Cervical Curve C2-C7, Thoracic Curve, Lumbar Curve, Atlas, Atlas Axis, Cobb Angle, Ferguson Tool, Vertebrae Line tool, Femur Head measurement, DICOM Receive, Export to CD’s and HIPPA compliant off site Cloud storage.


All of the tools included in our Basic and Essential plans plus additional tools for optimization and efficiency. This enables viewing and annotation of images from 5 stations in a clinic office. ChiroSight understands that patient education is the bedrock of growing a modern office. The Professional plan includes an email messaging tool enabling images to be sent directly from the software to the client’s personal email. This creates the ultimate educational environment to include all family members and loved ones in the patient care program. The Professional package also includes our Radiology Report enabling quick and easy insurance documentation compliance and patient education.

Included with the professional Plan: 5 viewing Licenses, Vertebral Curve,(single), Vertebral Curve- Segmented, Georges Line, Gonstead analysis Tool, Seamless Integration with all major EHR’s, DICOM send, Stitching, View, Import and Insert DICOM images, Email messaging, and our Radiology Report.


The Premium plan provides all of ChiroSight’s tools, and the new AOMSI/PI function enables the practice to increase revenues and build a true PI practice. It also includes all updates and upgrades, including the new Advanced Stitching and Messaging.

Included with the Premium Plan; 10 viewing licenses, AOMSI Tool and pre-written report, Advanced Stitching, priority Support, Advanced macros, Advanced messaging and unlimited off site storage.

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“I understand the balancing act that a chiropractor is always performing. You want to be cutting-edge, and you want to keep your business in the black. I founded ChiroSight to help you achieve that balance with a powerful, cost-effective solution that drives both efficiency and growth.”

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President and Founder of Biokinemetrics

Frequently asked questions

Yes, ChiroSight can accept images from many sources including disc, CD/DVD, and any DICOM compliant acquisition device.

Yes, you will be able to insert the disk into the computer that comes with the software, open the disc and upload the images into Chirosight, from that point on, you would be able to annotate and educate your patients as if you had taken the images on your very own system.

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