Digital X-ray Equipment Solutions

Digital X-ray Equipment Solutions

ChiroSight has X-ray solutions for Chiropractors whether you are retrofitting existing X-ray technology or starting from scratch in the construction of a new building.

Digital Xray Retrofits


The ChiroSight 17X17 flat panel system represents the very latest in x-ray design.  It fits conveniently inside the existing bucky, where the film was previously placed. It connects either by hardwire or wirelessly to the dedicated computer (which is included and comes preinstalled with the ChiroSight software). The images are received in under 3 seconds and are viewable without delay.

You can select either our flat panel model or the 4600.

Full Systems

ChiroSight has assisted chiropractors across the country in outfitting new and renovated spaces with full digital x-ray systems. Using proprietary guidelines, ChiroSight will walk you through every aspect, from conducting a review of the room design to selecting the x-ray sensor and generator. There are many options available to the chiropractor, and every situation is unique to that clinic’s needs.

Flat Panel Sensors

Newer technology that most Chiropractors select

4600 Sensors

Mature technology that requires a larger space

Digital Xray Generators
Digital Xray Wall Stands
Wall Stands
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Additional Items


ChiroSight Digital X-ray software is designed, for chiropractors, in collaboration with leading experts in the chiropractic profession. 

No other digital x-ray company understands chiropractors the way we do at ChiroSight. We get you, because we are you!

Included in all hardware system purchases:


Frequently asked questions

The short answer is: 10 X 6 for a fixed 40 inch SID and 12 X 6 for a 72 inch SID room. However, that does not take into account if you want a tilting wall stand or room for a radiographic table. Schedule a call and we can work up a full assessment and even design your room.

All orders for full room systems should be placed 6 weeks prior to your anticipated opening day. This assumes that we have already been working together to plan your room, evaluate the electrical requirements, the Physicist report application began to be filled in ready to submit. Schedule a call with a digital x-ray expert to learn more about the steps required to open your new X-ray room.

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