Simple steps to building your X-ray room

Building an x-ray room can be a frightening prospect, we at Biokinemetrics has assisted in the design and implementation of hundreds of different rooms. Call us at 888-707-7010 or click this link to schedule an appointment to learn about equipment, location and planning that will meet your needs. We will walk side by side with you at every step.

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Where should my room be

Ideally the room should be located on an outside wall shooting towards a parking lot or empty space. Why? This will  reduce the lead requirement and mitigate cost. The positioning of windows and doors also will play a part in determining location and cost.

Many contractors and other X-ray companies will tell you that the ideal rooms are 12 X 8 or 10 X 10, while if you have that space available it will work very well, we are able with our design team to easily configure rooms that take much less space, it will be our job to maximize your square foot utilization.

The room that is most used by our clints today are 10’ X 6’, using our advanced digital software to negate the need to shoot at 72 inches and maximizing your available office space. If you still want to be able to use a 72inch SID we would recommend a 12’ x 8’ room.

We have many clients that use orthopedic tilting wall stands which do require an additional 2 ‘of space giving a room size of 14’ X 8’. Medical rooms can be 10’ X 10”.

Highlighted below are 2 standard rooms with the necessary specifications


How to Choose the right Equipment for my Office

After determining the room size, you also must look at the equipment that you need to best suit your practice and type of patient. Listed below are a number of standard configurations that are used in the modern Chiropractic office.

  • 30KW High Frequency generator with a 120,000 KHU tube and upright Wall stand
  • 40KW High Frequency generator with a 200,000 KHU tube and upright wall stand
  • 30KW High Frequency generator with a 120,000 KHU tube and orthopedic 90 deg tilting wall stand
  • 40KW High Frequency generator with a 200,000 KHU tube and orthopedic 90 deg tilting wall stand

You have to ask yourself what images am I taking. Is the higher power generator which gives me better images on more challenging patients worth the additional cost? These questions are best addressed by call or emailing to have a detailed analysis of your practice and expectations

The Process

Chirosight will draw and specify positioning and power requirements as part of the quoting presentation. This is done at no cost to the client and no obligation to buy. The goal is to design a room that fits your needs from a technical, professional, and financial perspective. Our design teams commitment is to have a room drawn and presented to the client within 24 hours of application. The package includes;-

  • A room drawn for presentation to a Certified Physicist to determine your State’s requirements for lead shielding. The report generated will give your contractors exact positing and weight of lead needed. How high the lead has to go on the walls and the exact specifications of the barrier wall and lead glass viewing panel.
  • The drawing will also specify the power needed and positioning. This is a vital tool to be used by your contractor and electrician, to ensure your room is built exactly to your needs and meets both federal and State Standards. There are both State and federal guidelines that need to be met regarding the cutoff switch and its proximity to the operator.

Important Note Regarding Power

Prior to signing a lease or buying a building it is imperative that you understand what is needed to power the generator for your Hight Frequency System. Previously in this document we discussed your options in equipment, power availability can limit what system you can install. You can ask if it is possible to boost the power supply and weight the options available to you. For a standard 30KW High Frequency system the power requirements are as follows:-

Single Phase Power.

  • 240VAC 100AMP
  • 208VAC 125 AMP

Three phase power

  • 240VAC 60amps
  • 220VAC 65amps
  • 208VAC 70amps

If you decide that you are looking at 40Kw or even higher power please refer to the attached document.

Additional X-ray requirements

  • Wired internet. This will enable the uninterrupted access to upgrades, updates and support when needed.
  • Cat5/6 hardwire to main office server. Ease of installation of additional viewing and annotation licenses in your office
  • Proximity to bathroom. If you require your patients to disrobe, the nearness of the bathroom maybe a consideration of the placement of the x-ray room

We at Biokinemetrics have over 20 years of combined experience in building X-ray rooms for our clients. Our commitment to you to work from the concept, through design, contractor and electrician interaction to opening and taking your very first x-ray on your new equipment, is our goal.

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