What is a Retro fit

What is a retro fit?

In essence it is a simple as upgrading your existing digital capture devise to a more modern unit.  There are 3 basic forms of retro fit, replacing a CR to a direct capture, you were an early adapter of direct digital and its time for an upgrade or you still use film processing and its time to make the investment to a digital office.  Retrofitting your office comes at half the cost of a completely new system. It enables you to keep your existing hardware, i.e. your generator, tube stand and wall bucky and simply add the digital plate.

Why Retrofit?

The 5 basic reasons to go digital apply to retrofitting your existing system:

  1. Speed and efficiency take and image and see your results in under 3 seconds
  2. Better images, less retakes
  3. Patient education with advanced annotation tools
  4. Patient compliance
  5. Practice growth and revenue opportunities

In a study of all our users, over 80% told us that they went digital for the speed and efficiency, but after implementation the biggest benefit to the practice was the patient education and the enhancement of the patient Chiropractic experience. Everyone knows why they first go to a chiropractor, with our software they understand why they are coming back. The key to any investment is ROI, the differentiation with buying a ChiroSight system is the software and its ability to generate patient visits. Learn about the Cervical, Lumbar, AOMSI/PI tools with a built in Radiology report, software that will change the way you practice.

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